The Ancient Village of Bibury, England

Located on the River Coln in Gloucestershire, England is the ancient town of Bibury. The city was described by 19th century artist and writer William Morris as “the most beautiful village in England.”

The ancient village was first recorded in the Domesday Book in1086 when a record of survey was completed under William the Conqueror and the town’s name is recorded as Becheberie. The village still holds much of its past with 17th century stone cottages, the Saxon Church of Saint Mary, and a still working 1902 trout farm.

The picturesque Arlington Row cottages were built in 1380 as a monastic wool store. This was converted into a row of cottages for weavers in the 17th century. Arlington Row is the most photographed site and has been used for film and television locations — most notably for Bridget Jones Diary and Neil Gaiman’s Stardust.

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New York Magazine scans, Dec 13 2010

New York’s Mightiest Heroes — Almost a month on from the devastating events in New York, Norah Winters catches up with two thirds of The Avengers, and finds out how six barely acquainted people managed to save the world.

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